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Where to Start on Your fitness journey

Social Media is a terrific place to get information about becoming healthier and stronger. It's also loaded with misinformation and people that just want to take your money. In this post I will simply explain how I have been structuring my journey over the last 24 years.

First thing, I determine my over all goal. Do I want to be stronger? Do I want to be leaner? Do I want to put on muscle? Do I want to lose Body fat? Do I want it all?

Main thing is to pick one. Right now I want to get leaner. To get leaner I need to be in a caloric deficit. Meaning, I need to consume less calories than I need to maintain my current weight.

I use the Harris-Benedict model to determine this and then add in my average activity factor. If you're reading this and do not know how to do this, please feel free to private message me and ask for help. All I need is your age, height, average step count per day, and your biological sex. I'm happy to do this for you in my spare time at no cost.

After that I set up my training to stay strong or to get stronger. Strong is relative to the individual and "getting stronger" can mean many things. You have to determine what this means for you.

I can train 5-6x per week as well as walk 10k steps per day. Knowing this I can then plan out my meals and my training plan.

I like to eat 3x per day. I usually don't snack. I am also genetically gifted to be rarely hungry so I can have a larger deficit and lose body fat a little faster. I know based on my numbers I can lose 1 lbs of body fat per week at 2600 calories per day. I choose to do 2200 calories per day will let me lose around 2lbs per week.

I take 2200 and divide it by 3 getting 733 calories per meal. I tend to like larger dinners so I will shuffle around calories to accommodate. It will look like this 500 calories for my first meal, 600 calories for my second meal and 1,100 calories for my dinner.

Not being hungry means I can post pone my first meal. I will generally not eat until 1-2pm. There is nothing special about this. It just allows me to eat later in the day and to stockpile calories for later use.

I make sure I hit my protein goal. EVERY DAY. I will eat/drink no less than 200g of protein per day. Having protein high can help fight hunger off. Protein generally help people feel fuller, longer.

If you do not know how much protein to eat start off by eating your body weight in grams.

If you are overweight or obese simply take a guess or, again please feel to reach out. I'm happy to help you set this. If I was 300lbs and carrying close to 80lbs of body fat I would still only eat around 200g per day.

Next I'd take my calories and multiply them by .3. That would look like this 2200x.3 = 660. 660 represents 30% of my caloric daily total. This is going to be how much of my caloric intake comes from fat. Then I divide 660/9 and that gives me about 73g of fat per day.

Next I take my protein total 200g =800 calories and add that to my fat intake 660 giving me 1,460 calories in total. I will then take my caloric total 2200 and subtract 1,460. This gives me 740 calories left over. I then divide this by 4 to see how many carbs I can eat per day. I would be allowed 185g carbs off of this model. These can be my caloric goals for the day.

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