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Don't Hop

Creating a program isn't difficult. Sticking to one is.

I'll be honest. I use to get bored running the same program for 6 - 8 weeks. You know what fixes that issue? Trying to out do yourself ever time you come into the gym. It will always be you vs you.

There are so many ways to improve on a certain movement.

Setting a certain standard for each rep that you do your best not to deviate from.

Making sure your nailing the tempo EVERY SINGLE REP.

Adding weight to the movement once you nail the above.

Working closer and closer to failure (this should only be done on certain movements).

If You're improving on one or more of these each week, you are winning.

Don't let Instagram fitness personalities confuse you.

Get 7-9 hours of sleep each night (for recovery).

Train Hard (If all your reps have the same speed concentrically you're most likely not training hard enough).

Eat your lean body mass in gram of protein (just do your body weight if you're not really out of shape).

Do not miss training sessions. Stay consistent!

Follow your program and challenge yourself.

Eat towards your goal. Want to gain muscle? Eat your bodyweight x 14-16. Add 200 calories per day if you're not gaining .5-1lbs per week. Eat your bodyweight x 10-12 to lose .5-1lbs per week.

If you need help with any of this, email me and lets set you up for a free consultation.

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