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Derek started weight training and manipulating his diet the day after he turned 16. His parents made him a deal: if he trained 20 days out of the next 30 days they would pay for his gym membership. He got into the local rec center at six am and had no idea what he was doing. That didn’t matter. After he felt the blood pump into his arms and chest and felt his shirt fit just a little tighter, he was all in. And didn't have to pay his monthly membership dues for an entire year. 

He's made thousands of missteps and mistakes in the past 22 years. Mistakes his clients will not have to make because he has already done them and learned the lessons.


For a long time Derek trained without a plan and would copy routines from professional bodybuilders. The training was far too heavy with entirely too much volume and lacked the nutrition discipline to achieve results. 

After an incident on the deadlift platform that left Derek with a low back injury and a bruised ego, he was determined to learn how to train smart - taking him from total Bro to the ever-learning Pro. 

While Derek believes continued education is important for everyone, especially for personal trainers and nutrition coaches, he first and foremost believes time in the actual trenches is the most important "cert" he can offer his clients. He's now been training clients for 20 years. 



Derek's philosophy is to keep everything as simple and easy to understand as possible. He will also look for the lowest hanging fruit first and move up from there. Not every thing needs an ultra fancy approach to make it better. 

He'll tell you why he chooses everything, from a certain exercise to a certain dietary intervention. He will explain any and everything to his client as best as he possibly can when requested. 

His goal is to make each client stand on their own as soon as possible, but to provide such good service you don't want to leave him.

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