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Avoid Absolutes

We all should've learned this when we were in second grade. The fitness industry is plagued with them. Some well know personalities would have you believe training with a barbell is not effective. Some even say that machines aren't "functional". To me this is turning more people off of exercise then it is promoting it. Most people have a hard enough time getting started. Top that with a well know fitness expert telling you x ,y , and z are bad and could stop them before they even start.

Some exercises or movements might be better for others because their goals and starting places are different. That's ok! The main thing is to just stay consistent.

A imperfect plan done well and executed consistently will yield far better results then wasting time perfecting a plan before you start.

You're going to learn a lot of new things. Some may work for you and some may not. You'll figure it out along the way. Start by showing up. Consistently.

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