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Who is Derek?

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

This is a good question to ask anyone you plan to work with. You have to be sure they are as good fit otherwise neither party will enjoy the process. Learning to enjoy the process is essential to making any lasting improvements.

Got off track there. Squirrel and what have you.

Truth be told I'm not in my final form. Not sure if I ever will be. So how did I become who I am and why am I a trainer by profession?

I started weight training because my juvenile brain thought that all the dudes with muscle got the girls. I started the day after I turned 16 (4/7/96). I got into the local Rec center at 6am. My parents made me a deal. If I trained 20 days out of the next 30 days they would pay for my membership. I had no idea what I was doing. Didn’t matter. After I felt the blood pump into my arms and chest and could feel my shirt fit just a little tighter, I was all in. And subsequently, didn't have to pay for my gym membership.

For a long time I trained without a plan and would copy routines from professional bodybuilders because I honestly thought they were natural . I’d train far too heavy. I trained with entirely too much volume and my nutrition was complete shit. Yet still I grew muscle.

Fast forward to 21. I was in the Gold’s Gym in East Lansing and I was on the deadlift platform. I was with my buddy Steve and we were deadlifting. I was determined to hit 405lbs. With almost no warm up I loaded up the bar. Steve was more cautious than myself and declined to go past 225lbs. Now, I was still a bean pole at 6’3 and 180lbs, but I didn’t know or care. I’m sure I looked like a rainbow the first time I pulled 405lbs. I remember the lock out taking what felt like an eternity. I slammed the weight back to the floor and looked at Steve as my vision was suddenly over taken with swimming spots. “Ah man! I’m sorry. I missed it.” Said Steve. No problem, I told him. I can hit it again. I got back into position and again did my best rainbow impersonation. I felt something give in my lower back then woke up in my own urine. Apparently when you cause nerve damage you can lose bladder control. According to Steve I pulled the bar just off the floor and then yelped. Then proceeded to piss my pants as I passed out. This is the event that would take me from total Bro to the ever-learning Pro.

Take advantage of my mistakes and missteps and get on the right path to your goals. Let me help you cut through all the bullshit and run down your goals with far less obstacles.

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